The type and magnitude of any loss will dictate the ultimate actions taken.  Certain initial procedures are, however, common to and essential for all claims.  The sequence in which the below are reflected would not necessarily mean this order should be followed in the actual event.

  1. Advise TIB of any event which could possibly (even remotely) lead to a loss.
  2. Report all appropriate matters to the Police.
  3. Take all possible steps to minimize any loss and to avoid any further occurrences of a similar nature.
  4. Make sure that your own Management is advised of the occurrence.
  5. Do everything possible to assist Insurers and attend promptly to their requirements.
  6. Complete the appropriate claim form fully. Ensure that all statements are totally honest and as accurate as possible.
  7. Formulate and cost your claim. Call TIB for assistance if necessary.
  8. Never admit liability or responsibility to any Third Party.
  9. Pass any communications from Third Parties unanswered to TIB.
  10. Upon receipt of any Summons immediately notify TIB telephonically.
  11. Always feel free to ask TIB for assistance on any insurance related matter.